Yoav Aptowitzer

Yoav is a psychotherapist who is a graduate of the International Institute for Body Oriented Psychotherapy in Biosynthesis.He taught and lectured in  various places: The Israeli Center for Body and Mind Medicine , The Applied Research Institute for Spiritual Empowerment in Education, Tel Aviv University and other places. Yoav teaches  in  an integrative approach that connects and combines different worlds as Non-Dual approaches (Advaita), Judaism and the wisdom of the East, Mindfulness,  neuroscience , psychotherapy and spirituality,  body and soul, with an emphasis on providing practical tools.

Yoav is also a writer, musician and gardener.

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Lila Kimhi

Lila Kimhi, offers teachings on liberation, in the traditions of Buddhism and of Non-Duality. A senior Dharma teacher of Vipassana and mindfulness since 2004 in Israel and abroad, she is immersed in the Buddhist path and practices over two decades, as well as in the teaching of Non Duality (Advaita). Lila teaches regularly on retreats and in various programs, and leads spiritual journeys in Mid-Asia and south India. With her partner she co-founded ‘Aley Adamot’, an Eco-spiritual center

in Judean Planes of Israel.

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Yochai Primak

Highly experienced tour guide. Yochai is a travel guide to the countries of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, to the countries of the Caucasus, Russia and the Philippines, with an emphasis on food and the human environment. He holds a BA and MA in Middle Eastern history and Islamic culture and in his second degree specialized in the history of the Jews of Central Asia. He speaks Turkish, Persian, Uzbek and Arabic and investigates the culinary history of Central Asia. Cooking is one of Yochai's main hobbies, along with gardening, art, languages and music as well as poetry and liturgical poetry.

מסעות רוחניים ברחבי העולם

"המסע הרוחני, 

הוא מסע אינסופי,

ממי שנדמה שאנחנו,

אל מי שאנחנו באמת"

רמאנה מהרשי