"In order to discover new land, we must be wiling to lose sight of the shore",  Andre Gide

Our Vision - What is a Spiritual Journey

From time immemorial people have embarked on spiritual journeys in distant lands to discover the world and themselves in it. The journey to unknown places and cultures asks us to leave the familiar, step out of our comfort zone, and meet different language, culture, customs and religions with a fresh mind of a beginner that is curios and open. The encounter with the unfamiliar that is embedded and held in spiritual practices, invites the heart and mind to soften and widen to reveal the beauty and wisdom of our being and of those around us.

Our Journeys

Our journeys combine being on the road and moving through the landscapes with alternating times of stillness and a retreat. During the journeys we practice meditation daily and we dive deep into the teaching of the Buddha and of Advaita (Non-Duality), as well as other spiritual traditions. Times of silence alternate with times of learning, sharing,  group work, art, sangha connection  and much support for individual processes.

We have been leading  journeys in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and recently a combined journey and a week-long retreat in Tiru, South India. 

Next journeys are to Uzbekistan - Bukhara and Samarkand, October 2019, and South India, January 2020.


More words about Spiritual Journeys

Both inner and outer movements that yield sweet fruits in the map of our soul, are the shifts from being a tourist, often seeking that which is similar to where we came from, that which matches our borrowed images of pleasure and comfort, and leave us with a good distance between us and "the others" with all its consequences, to being a traveler, a more open state of mind that has more curiosity in it and the willingness to be exposed and changed,  to being a pilgrim: honoring and respecting the moments of our lives, pleasant or unpleasant, allowing the world to sip in and transform us in unpredictable ways, finding sacredness in the mundane and profundity in the profane.  

The facilitators:

Lila Kimhi (teaching), Yoav Aptowitzer (teaching and managing) and Yochai Primak (tour guide).

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מסעות רוחניים ברחבי העולם

"המסע הרוחני, 

הוא מסע אינסופי,

ממי שנדמה שאנחנו,

אל מי שאנחנו באמת"

רמאנה מהרשי